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For 24 consecutive years, the girls track team has managed to uphold the same title: Sectional Champions. This is a feat not easily done, but the girls have key factors that they say contribute to their success.

“We all work really hard, and we all get along really well. When you have a close bond with your teammates, you’re not only working for yourself but working for your teammates, too,” Sarah Hunsley (11) said.

The hard work and connection of the team has allowed them to carry on this success so far into the current season. According to the Northwest Indiana Times, the team is currently ranked number one in the region.

“We shall see [if we win this year]. Each year, each team is different, [but] it’s nice to keep the streak alive. The girls believe it’s important, they believe the sacrifice is necessary for success,” Mr. Ron Fredrick, English, said.

Will this year’s team continue the legacy and protect the title for a 25th consecutive year? The team’s efforts for the remainder of the season will determine that. At the Sectional meet on Tuesday, May 17, the girls will see if they have what it takes to carry on the tradition.


Story originally published here.

The varsity boys track team hosted their first meet of the season against the Michigan City Wolves on Tuesday, April 19. Not only was this the first home meet, it was also the first meet the boys held at the new facility. The Indians won with a score of 78-54 to start off strong in the DAC.

“I think [the meet] went pretty well. We won the meet, which was our first win in the DAC this year. We won all the distance events, we did well on the throws I know and we had some good results in the pole vault,” Clayton Goldman (12) said.

Goldman received first place in the 400-meter dash and the 4×400 meter relay alongside Cole Easterday (12), Tyler Kramer-Stephens (12) and Antonio Pavloski (11).  Also gaining points for the Indians was Cameron Prisby (12) who received second place in pole vaulting.

“I jumped 12 feet that day, which got me second place. I was fine [with] that, but I definitely could have done better and gotten 12 feet, 6 inches. Based on this meet, we could better prepare ourselves for the upcoming meets by trying new things like going on different poles during practice and trying different drills at practice. The most important thing is practice, practice, practice,” Prisby said.

The next boys varsity track meet will take place on April 26 at Chesterton High School.

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