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Members of the School Board gathered in the LGI for a regular meeting at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 7. There was a low attendance of viewers for this meeting. Some topics discussed were class sizes, field trips, construction requests, and Lake Central’s AP status.

A noteworthy action that occurred at this meeting was the recognition of Mr. Tom Clark, Social Studies, by the Veterans of Foreign Wars.  Gene Kijanowski from the St. John VFW presented Mr. Clark with this award.

“Tom not only got National Teacher of the Year Award, he also got National Americanism Award, which are both very prestigious. He brings to Lake Central something that we can be really proud of,” Kijanowski said.

Another significant matter was discussed in a presentation from Mr. Sean Begley, Freshman Center Principal.  Mr. Begley reported that over the past seven years, the number of Lake Central students taking AP tests has almost tripled.  Also, the percent of the total AP students from Lake Central that scored a 3 or higher on AP test has passed the percent of total AP students in Indiana and globally.

“The Advanced Placement [program] is a very important part of our school grade, and it also does a fantastic job of preparing our students for further studies,” Mr. Begley said.

The next School Board meeting will occur on Monday, Oct. 20.


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A Best Buddies meeting took place in the cafeteria after school on Monday, Nov. 10.  At this meeting, members were paired up with Buddies for the year.

“I think there are different ways even within school for [Peer Buddies to interact with their Buddies], sitting with them at lunch, saying hi to them in the hallway, and introducing them to their friends.  They also get together with them after school,” Mrs. Debra Stack, Westlake, said.

The meeting included activities that helped buddies get to know each other.  Different tables were full of papers for coloring, a poster about Thanksgiving, and games for people to get familiar with their new Buddies.

“[At the meeting] we got our Buddies matched up. We were writing on this poster about Thanksgiving [and] what we would do on Thanksgiving.  [We also] just talked about what we would do if we hang out with our buddies,” Christian Huber (12) said.

This year, there were not enough Buddies for every Peer Buddy to be paired up with.  The members that did not get paired up formed committees to work on throughout the year, including the Friendship Update Committee, the Best Buddies Walk Committee, and the Fundraising Committee.  Members can still interact with Buddies inside and outside of school even if they were not paired up.

“I’m looking forward to hanging out with [my buddy] after school.  We will probably go to the movies with more friends, since some of my friends did not get Buddies,” Brooke Lanting (10) said.

The next Best Buddies meeting will be on Monday, Nov. 24.


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On Tuesday, Aug. 26, the JV girls volleyball team visited Munster for their third regular season game of the year.  The Indians defeated the Mustangs 25-9 in the first set and 25-18 in the second.

Munster was predicted to be a tough team to beat, but Lake Central held its ground.

“I think we played really well, and it’s always fun to beat a school rival,” Nicole Milaszewski (10) said.

There were many key plays that led to the win.  The “heart and hustle,” as they cheered in the team huddle, also helped keep the intensity level high.

“We did very well blocking.  All of our blockers did well and we limited errors,” Coach Jennifer Fandl, Mathematics, said.

Everyone on the team contributed to the big win, including the two freshmen on the team.  Playing on the JV team as a freshman is a big accomplishment, as there is a separate team for freshmen.

“[Playing as a freshman] is really nerve-wracking, but I really like the team and we mesh well,” Mia DiNino (9) said.

This game showed the skill level that the team is capable of playing, and they have a lot to look forward to for the rest of the season.

“I think they finally played, in the first set, the best they have all season.  I think they knew how good Munster can be and they wanted to play up to their level.  I would say that that’s by far the best they have played,” Coach Fandl said.


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